Real Mark Global Direct operates in over 125 different countries as global brokers in commercial & residential real estate and luxury goods.

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Capital Fundraising

Realmark Global Direct raises funds for large global projects, sources venture capital partners/investors for luxury and large infrastructure projects. We structure financing alternatives to suit the needs of our customers.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate

Realmark Global Direct Consultants provide a
unique service for investors in large
commercial or infrastructure projects. We “connect the dots” in the buyer seller, finance relationship to provide a simplified and discrete service to our clients.

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Luxury Goods

Realmark Global Direct offers to the very wealthy the finer things in life that other can only dream about. As a provider of luxury we offer only the most luxurious and exquisite trophies in life.



Luxury Real Estate

Luxury Real Estate

Realmark Global Direct Consultants clients seek more than a property where price or location is no barrier. They will want an exclusive property, others can only dream about; a property that is on a mountain top, cliff top, by the sea, a private island, a castle, a manor or chateau.

Off Market Property

Off Market & Investment Properties

Off market or silent sales are those listings that are never advertised to the public. These generally come from vendors that don’t want to spend the money on advertising, don’t want the stress of an auction, want to sell quickly due to a death or divorce or are keen for a quick deal at the right price.

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Project Finance

Realmark Global works with international
buyers and sellers of luxury real estate and
goods to provide access to finance, investment or legal providers throughout the world. This service is for transactions $5 million USD + and dependent on individual funding needs and personal equity.

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